Friday, September 21, 2012

Menage A WIPs?

This isn't a surprise to some of you, but I'm cheating on my current work-in-progress with another book. Err, make that two other books. I know. I'm insatiable. 

Here's the thing: I can't work on just one thing at a time. My brain isn't wired to be creatively faithful. 

Yesterday I was asked, "How do you manage all those characters?" Its not easy, but to satisfy my madness, it is absolutely necessary. 

Here's a break down of what I'm working on now:

Edits on my debut, coming out tentatively in the spring 2013

35,000+ finished on work-in-progress #1, Paint River (Paint River Cowboys, book 1). 1st draft will be done my October 15th (I promised my CPs!)

30,000+ words in on Constant Craving, work-in-progress #2. ON HOLD

Synopsis and complete outline, plus first two chapters on book #2 for my debut, nearly completed. 

My thought process won't let me stop thinking, doing, writing, creating and building worlds. It just won't, so I must keep a constant stream of writing flowing out of me lest I combust from the force of it.

Here's how I do it:

  • I break 8 hours up into chunks and dedicate 2 hours per project, 3 days a week. The other 2 days a week I dedicate to only one project, though I may make a lot of random notes about other things. On the weekend, I either schedule or panster my way through, if I have the time.

  • My job as an EMT allows time to write in between ambulance runs (most of the time). I hit one project hard and heavy whenever I'm on call.

  • I get up early or stay up ridiculously late.

  • My girls are in dance class once a week, that takes 2 hours. I use this time to outline, sketch a scene, etc..
  • Music is my friend, my creative partner, my escape. 

  • Coffee. My coffee intravenous line is wonderful. (just kidding...)

It gets a little hairy sometimes, but it is paying off:

I already have interest from 2 publishers in the Paint River series, and it isn't even done yet! SCORE!

My debut revision will be done on time, dammit!

Constant Craving is simmering nicely, waiting for its chance to come back to life. And it will. Oh yes. (I simply can't deprive the world of Beckett much longer).

If I keep a similar pace, I'll meet my 2013 goals which are:

Have my debut OUT!

Have Paint River on submission with book #2 completed

Have the second book in the series for my debut completed

Have Constant Craving ready for submission by Jan 2014.  

Oh, and still have a shred or two of sanity!

A friend called me prolific. I take that as a compliment, but what will touch me more is being prolific AND good. There's no sense in writing a ton if it's all shit, right? 

Time will tell. For sure.


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