About Me

I'm a small town girl, writing about small towns and country boys. I grew up riding my Appaloosa, Dreamie, bareback and barefoot, in cut-off shorts. Running through the thick Northwoods forests and swimming in weed-thick ponds was the perfect fodder for a beginning writer's mind.

This is Lake St. Croix where I used to go swimming with my friends after school

I always knew I wanted to live in the country as a grown-up, and there was never any question that I'd marry a hardworking country boy. 20 years later, I'm married to the farmer's son, and we live in Northern Wisconsin, surrounded by hardwood forests and acres of farm and crop land. 

It's our own little paradise. 

Jared, Hannah & Andie playing in the hay

 In my professional life, I play an emergency medical technician (EMT). Don't be fooled by the medics/EMTs you see on television. In real life, it's hard, often messy, not all that heroic most of the time, and sometimes, really, really boring. 

That's me, first row on the right. 

When I'm not trying to save lives, I get to be a writer. That's the most fun of all. I write contemporary romance and paranormal romance. I'm constantly thinking up new things; creating book boyfriends makes me giddy. 

Here's what I look like when I play author:

I love to connect!! You can find me all over the web:

Twitter: @EAOtto

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElizabethOttoAuthor

Email: elizabethottoauthor@gmail.com ( I love email )

I'm represented by the lovely Nalini Akolekar of Spencerhill Associates.