Friday, November 29, 2013

Harlequin, Here I Come!

Book news! Book news!!

I'm just tickled to announce that I've sold my steamy and emotional firefighter story FIGHTING THE FLAME to Harlequin SuperRomance, for publication in August 2014!

Yes, these dudes:

And more importantly, these dudes:

Not familiar with Harlequin's SuperRomance line? It's a romance line that packs a lot of emotion with a lot of sexy and steamy, and if you've read my book TEMPTING THE COWBOY, you know I love to write both! The steam is a little tamer, but the emotional connection between the characters is off the charts. I love that, and so I really feel grateful and honored to be writing for the SuperRomance line.

You can see Harlequin's current SuperRomance books here.

What's FIGHTING THE FLAME about? I'm glad you asked! Here's the unofficial blurb (and I mean, very, very unofficial! LOL)

Here's the Pinterest Board for a little visual candy.  

Lily Ashden was a talented carpenter before a devastating fire ruined her left arm, reducing her from high-profile builder to lackey for her overbearing and emotionless father.The same accident that left her damaged also claimed the life of her sister--a life that wouldn't have been lost if the firemen on scene had just done their jobs. But they hadn't. They'd left her sister to burn to death as Lily watched.

Little does Lily know that the hot bartender from the Throwing Aces bar she has an almost-fling with, is also one of the firemen who failed to save her sister on that fateful day. Garrett Mateo isn't just Lily's self-declared enemy, but the big commercial construction client her father needs her to woo. Garrett is a Lieutenant on the Danbury Fire Department and co-owner of the Throwing Aces bar--a bar he promised his dying uncle he would renovate as financial padding for his uncle's wife and children.

Good thing Garrett and his brothers made a pact long ago--to skip commitment and focus on honoring their father's legacy as a Fire Captain. Wives, children, they were just potential casualties if he were to be killed on the job. When Lily pushes every boundary Garrett has set for himself, he has to decide if risk is worth the reward. Lily must gain Garrett's construction contract to save her father's business, but as her heart gets involved, she must decide: Firefighters already failed her once. Can she trust one to save her again?

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT. What do you think???? I think we should let the party get started up in here. Woot, woot!

Friday, November 8, 2013

A Little Blogger Love

I didn't know what I was in for when my book began landing in the hands of book review blogs. I was nervous. I was scared! I was anxious...but then good things started to happen! The reviewers liked the book...they started talking about the book, and telling other people, and letting me know what they didn't like so I can maybe do better next time.

Before long, I had my eye on so many awesome book review sites, that my head was spinning!  I started to tell my author friends about the cool blogging sites, and then I realized, why not feature a blog once or twice a month, and help spread the word?

So, that's what I'm going to do. I'm spreading the love, people. Spreading the love. Like jam. On toast.

Bloggers, want to be featured on my blog and across my social media sites? Yes! Yes, you do.

SIGN UP HERE (It's a Google form. Nothing scary, I promise).

Friday, November 1, 2013

Cole Haywood's $100 Gift Card Giveaway~

So, if you've read TEMPTING THE COWBOY, you know the hero Cole Haywood is a sexy alpha cowboy with one hell of a soft spot for the women in his life. He's a hard-working rancher, a devoted single father, and, yeah, one hell of a lover, too.

He's also plays the fiddle and likes to give money away!

Ok, he really doesn't like to give money away, but I talked him into it. I found him in the barn the other day, trying to keep his black and white paint horse, Pana bar Noir from kicking down the door to his stall. Pana's kind of naughty.

"Look, Cole," I said. "The holidays are coming up, and I think it would be a nice gesture for you to give some of your money away." He just grunted and gave me a arrogant look with those brilliant, aquamarine eyes. I'm used to dealing with his attitude, though, so I just grabbed that old worn out hat off his head and held it behind my back. He tilted his head a little, his eyes going all angry-like.

"Dammit. Not funny." He reached for the hat and arched his eyebrows. I couldn't help it: I had to take one teeny, tiny peek at how damn good his chest looked in that tight grey T-shirt; his hips all lean and thighs filling out his worn jeans. He caught me looking, again. My eyes snapped back up to his, even though they were more than happy to stay put.

"Too bad, " I retorted. "You want this old piece of shit back, you have to give away some cash."Pana stuck his nose between the bars on the stall door. He likes to chew things. And kick things. And cause a rukkus, but mostly chew on things, so me being me, I sided up to the stall door and held that hat out to the horse's nose.

Pana's lips made a grab for the hat at the same time Cole crossed his arms and glared at me. I pulled the hat away from Pana before he could grab it, but Cole--well, he got my point.

"Fine." Came his tight-lipped reply. To which I was slightly disappointed that he gave in so easily. Tickling Cole into submission was my Plan B.

Cole held out his hand for his hat, and I held mine out for some cash, and here you have it folks:

A $100 AMAZON Gift Card! Enter in the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!!

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