Monday, November 19, 2012

Jam-party Time!

Happy news calls for some jam-time


Yeah, I have an agent. Oooh, ya-ya-ya-ya. (That's my best Bruno Mars impression). 

So, here's how it went down. Now, before you feel sudden and incendiary rage over how this happened, and maybe want to beat me senseless, let me say that:

I realize this is not the normal course of getting an agent. I know. Really, I do.  

I began sending queries for WHISKEY NOVEMBER on 11/5/12. I sent to my top ten agents, and followed that up with my next ten choices. 

Then I settled in for a long wait. 'cause, you know, querying is a long process. 


By 11/9. I had five full requests. I hopped over to the awesome critique partner group I particiapte in and said, 

"Tamara, Carrie, Heather, Angela, Tristina and Amber, I have five full requests, homies. How the hell did this happen?" They just danced a happy jig (because they are awesome like that) and told me to enjoy the ride. 

Then on the 14th, I got an email from  Nalini Akolekar of Spencerhill Associates asking for "THE CALL." Now, Nalini was in my top ten list, specifically, number four. I was over the moon!

I raced over to my girls and we all held virtual hands and danced in a crazy circle of joy. I had the lovely call with Nalini in which she offered representation for WHISKEY NOVEMBER and future books. 

Then, I nudged all the other agents who had my full and prepared to wait, again. Or not. 

I heard back from two right away that, due to the holiday, they wouldn't be able to complete reading it and stepped aside. One other was on vacation until well past our deadline and the last I didn't feel was quite the right fit for me, and I withdrew my submission. 

I was able to email Nalini the next morning to accept her offer. That's 10 days from querying her to offer of representation. Whoa, man.

Ultimately, I think somethings are just supposed to happen, and this is one of them. The normal constraints of too little time, and too much waiting parted ways in my case

My CPs did this for me:


And I'm still on CLOUD FREAKIN' 9, PEOPLE!!

Thanks for sharing my great news. WHISKEY NOVEMBER is already on submission (Nalini doesn't play around, yo.)  We're hoping to have some kind of feedback by Christmas, but you know, our good timing can't hold out forever.

***I have some tips on query letter writing, thanks to feedback I received from querying WHISKEY NOVEMBER. Look for that post, soon.**



Thursday, November 15, 2012


Something exciting has happened!

That's all I can say right now, but you've probably guessed it is writing related. It makes me go all like this (Cause these are my happy moves, yo.)