Thursday, February 23, 2012

Critique me, Baby!

One thing I really like about writing stuff is getting a good critique on what I've written. I don't have to like some of the honest answers that I get (yah, it stings a little when someone hates your work), but I tend to brush it off pretty quickly.

That being said, I'm having fun over at Authoress' blog 'cause I'm in one of her contests. It's the First Line Grabber contest, in which we aspiring authors submitted the very first line of our book-in-progress. The community members (you!) get to vote on your favorite submissions. Sunday morning, winners with the most votes will be announced and then its on to round two!

I'd love to be in round two. So far, I'm getting mixed reviews on my first line. More good than bad, and I'm getting some great perspective on what people can read into that one little line!!!!

Wanna vote? Come on over. I'm #18 and would love your input.

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