Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tucker Haywood Stops by for a Visit--you've been warned

So, Tucker from ONE NIGHT WITH A COWBOY just stopped by and he's pacing in the kitchen at the moment. Kinda like a caged animal...all long-legged strides and growly expression. Probably because I forced him to come in here when it's such a beautiful day outside. Too bad for him. Big baby. Let's see if I can make him behave long enough to answer a few questions.

Hey, Tucker. Come on in and have a seat.

Yeah, okay. How long is this going to take?

 Depends on how long it takes you to cooperate.

*blinks* Fine. I don't want you making me fat in the next book or something, so...

Good boy. Thanks for taking a few minutes to talk to our readers. We all, er, really appreciate the pose you did for the cover of ONE NIGHT WITH A COWBOY. 

*shrugs* Yep. 

Cowboys are always in demand, it seems. What’s your favorite thing about being a cowboy?

Have you seen my ass in these Wranglers? Draws women like moths to a hot, hot, denim-covered flame. As long as they understand that it’s one night with me, and one night only. If not, they can find a different flame. Know what I mean?

So, your answer is women?

Does there need to be another answer? 

I…suppose not. Okay, so ranch work can be taxing, obviously. What kinds of things do you like to do when you leave the ranch?

I have to leave the ranch? *snorts* No thanks. I’m happy right where I am. 

Well, I’ve heard that the Tit for Tap bar is an old favorite of yours. Has that changed?

I used to go there a lot. But, I only go there on…certain nights now. No big deal.

Oh, yes. When Sophie Miller is waitressing, right? 

Sophie’s a distraction. That’s all. Moving on…

A distraction from what?

Am I running for President, here? Does it matter why I go there when she’s working? It’s a safety thing. I want to make sure she’s safe working there…with all those other men around. 

 Huh, well, it sounds like Sophie might be a little more than a distraction.

*shifts in his chair* Yeah, well, she’s a city girl. City girls don’t know how to handle rowdy cowboys and country bars, or anything else around here. Hell, you saw her freak out over that squirrel, right? Point made. So, moving on…

Fine. Which is your favorite brother, Levi or Cole, and by proxy, Jaxon?

They all drive me bat-shit crazy. Next.

Speaking of Jax...what's his story anyway?

Seriously? You wrote him. You already know what his story is. 

*rolls eyes* Yeah, yeah. What’s your biggest weakness?

*smirks* Look at me, sweetheart. My biceps are illegal in ten states. Do I look like I have any weaknesses?

I heard something about chocolate chip cookies bringing you to your knees…

You have cookies?

Okay, well, thanks for the chat, Tucker. I hope our readers get a chance to stop by Paint River Ranch and see you in action. Riding horse, roping cattle and showing off those Wranglers, and all.

Fine. Just tell them to bring double chocolate chip. No nuts. *gets up*

Great. Well, Tuck, thanks for....okay, bye...nice to see you...and he's gone. That boy!

Meet the Paint River Ranch boys and form your own opinions, but I gotta say: HOTNESS! I'll see ya at the ranch. ;) 

So, there's been a lot of talk about Jaxon getting his own story. If you've read ONE NIGHT WITH A COWBOY, you'll know why he's in such demand. All I can say, is that I'm working on making it happen. In the meantime, Jax has found himself with a Blue Heeler puppy and said puppy needs a name. Boy or girl? I'm not sure yet. You tell me, and give me a name in the comments below. 


  1. How about Buttercup or Sassy for a girl, or Bandit or Rascal for a boy?
    Just looked up Blue Heelers - what a beautiful breed!

    And thanks to Tucker for stopping by!

  2. Has to be a girl. I'd say she should be named July...or Julie....

  3. Rodeo works for either sex. Lucky

  4. I'm thinking girl. Pepper sounds good.

  5. Buddy for a male .... Daisy for a female

  6. Blue for a boy or Maggie for a girl.

  7. Buck for a boy and Sassy for a girl. Works for me :)

  8. I go with Coco :)
    That is what I named the rescue Dog I took in and ended up keeping.

  9. Hank for a boy or Merle for a girl