Thursday, April 4, 2013

Oh Hey!! It's A Book Release! Also: Never Give Up!

Happy Book Birthday to Me!

I just found out, and I'm so darn excited, that BLOOD OF ISIS was released yesterday afternoon. I had no idea. So, here it is, all official like! :) Today is the official "book birthday," so, we'll go with that.


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But wait! What's this 'Don't give up' stuff all about?

Well, I'm one of those people that you hear about, who starts a book and then sets it aside for a while, then works on it again, rinse and repeat. I did that with BLOOD, a lot. 

As in, SEVEN YEARS, a lot. Yes, it took me 7 long years to write this book. I had two children and changed jobs twice in that time frame. I cried more tears over not finishing it and feeling like a failure then you'd care to know. 

Most of all, I thought about these characters for SEVEN DAMN YEARS, to the point they actually made me crazy with their banter. In my head. Constantly. 
So one day, at the prodding of my good friend and fellow writer, Robin Lucas, I sat down and finished the draft in 5 weeks. From almost a decade to a little over a month, I had a FINISHED DRAFT!

BLOOD turned out hella different than the story it was when I started, but I loved it all the same. And here it is. 

I've written three more books since selling this on in September. I've grown as a writer by LEAPS AND BOUNDS. Looking back, I can't even believe how much my writing has evolved and changed. 

But I still love this book. 

I will always love this book. 

And I hope you do to. 

*Confetti toss* Now, let's eat cake!        


  1. Congratulations, Elizabeth!

  2. WOOHOOOOOO! I'm so fucking proud of you. I can't even.

  3. And we're SO GLAD you didn't give up. Ben and Jayda's story deserved to be told!